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Nasir is a qualified Solicitor with substantial experience representing professional clients working in the fields of accountancy, teaching, dentistry, banking and social and community work; including faith leaders and campaigners. To date, he has been instructed in cases of terrorism, murder, serious sexual offences, complex fraud and money laundering, drugs offences, road traffic offences and public order offences including riot and affray. Many of his more high profile cases have attracted the attention of both national and international media.

Nasir is an accredited police station advisor and a member of the duty scheme in Manchester. He also advocates in the Magistrates' Court nationally.

Terrorism Representations

R v SH represented an internationally known faith leader accused of supporting terrorism - NFA

R v MF represented a convicted terrorist to defend an application by a police force to forfeit the family home under new counter terrorism legislation. Police application failed

R v SG represented an ex-soldier accused of attempting to travel to fight against Daesh and Syrian regime

R v T  a pupil accused of possessing terrorist material re terrorism plot to bomb the ANZAC parades in Australia

R v R represented one of the last people who met the MEN bomber

R v O represented a passenger stopped under Schedule 7


Murder, Violent Disorder and other serious offences


R v IM represented a man suspected of assisting the murderer of 2 female police officers

R v DT  represented a man suspected of violent disorder following a large scale public disorder

R v KY  represented a woman accused laundering large amounts of money for an organised crime gang


Sexual Offences

R v HS represented a man accused of one of the largest CSE cases in the country (30 defendants)

R V A  represented a social worker accused of historic sex abuse

R v MK  represented a taxi driver accused of rape of a passenger



R v MH represented a man accused of 40 offences related to fake accidents and insurance fraud

R v OB  represented a dentist accused of defrauding the NHS

R v LM  represented a mother accused of benefit fraud over £150 000

R v MOS represented a man accused of multimillion pound fraud on Royal Mail




Notable Cases