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Serious Crime

If you are accused of serious criminal conduct the consequences for you if convicted will be devastating. It is essential from the outset you instruct a team who know how to advise you properly.


We have over 36 years experience of representing clients accused of the most serious criminality involving;

  • international drug cartels, 
  • importing and supplying prohibited firearms & ammunition,
  • complex fraud, money laundering and subsequent POCA investigations,
  • genocide
  • acts of terrorism
  • murder & manslaughter.

It is absolutely essential any person under investigation for such serious matters seeks immediate advice from a firm with the experience and knowledge to properly represent them at the earliest stage.






Unlike some firms our Solicitors have substantial first hand experience of dealing with complex and lengthy prosecutions brought by the Police, National Crime Agency, H.M. Revenue & Customs, Financial Conduct Authority, Environment Agency, & Trading Standards.

We have close links with the most pro-active Barristers and Experts, to quickly form the most formidable defence team available.

We are authorised to undertake Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) by the Legal Aid Agency.

Do not delay in contacting us whatever stage your case may be at. We will be able to help you.