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Funding Services:


The decision on how to fund legal representation is a decision which must be made by each and every client at the very outset of their case. It depends upon their personal finances, the circumstances of their case, how they wish their case to be prepared and who they wish to prepare it.

Despite the very harsh cuts imposed upon the Legal Aid Scheme, and those practitioners who work within this field, we continue to offer a premium service to all our clients in an attempt to protect their individual rights & liberty from the substantial resources of the Police & other prosecuting agencies.


We have undertaken Legal Aid work since the firm was established in 1978 and are as comfortable representing Legally Aided Clients as Private Clients. 


We are authorised under a number of Legal Aid Agency Schemes to conduct Criminal Defence, including Complex Crime & Very High Cost Cases (VHCC), Prison Law and Mental Health work.

However, an ever increasing number of Clients are no longer financially eligible for Legal Aid, or for a number of reasons prefer to instruct their legal team on a private basis from the outset. The Legal Aid Agency can impose restrictions on the amount of work undertaken, or level of experts used in a case.


If you prefer to conduct your case without such restrictions then we will represent you at competitive rates and can often agree a 'Fixed Fee' for the entire case. We can also offer staged payments to spread the cost of your representation.  


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.