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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Announcement

These blogs are written by our legal team and it is hoped you will find them informative. If you wish to discuss any of the issues raised within please do not hesitate to drop the author an email.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Announcement

2/4/20200 Comments

During the period of the corona-virus lockdown we are still available to represent new and existing clients in Police Stations, Courts, Prisons and Mental Health tribunals. Our working practices are adjusting on a daily basis but please know we are still here to help you. Read More…

Response to the MoJ Proposal to Abolish Preliminary Medical Examinations in Relation to Mental Health Tribunals

16/7/20180 CommentsBy Ant Parkin

The Ministry of Justice is proposing a rule change abolishing the preliminary medical examination in relation to Mental Health Tribunals. This firm is opposed to the changes and has responded to the consultation. This is an extract from our response: ‘This firm has represented patients at Mental Health Tribunals and before that at Mental Health Review Tribunals over a period of more than 40 years. We believe the proposed rule change is misconceived and based on a number of incorrect assumptions about practice. Read More…

Film Scheme Fraud

12/2/20160 CommentsBy Amanda Long & Adam Foster

Successive governments in the UK have appreciated the value of maintaining and nurturing a British Film Industry. It creates jobs for those taking part in the production of the films and contributes to both the UK economy and our cultural life. In order to encourage and incentivise the making of films in the UK there have been (since 1982) a series of allowances and reliefs available within the tax system. These have changed over the years as H.M. Revenue & Customs believe there has been a targeted abuse of the various systems created. There have been a number of prosecutions arising out of the alleged improper use of film scheme tax relief schemes and one recent case of note is one that we, as a firm, were engaged in - namely “Operation Crystallite”. Read More…

Smoking In Private Cars

30/9/20150 CommentsBy Adam Bonney

Prior to 1 October 2015, smoking in a private car was not an offence. However, if the police believed that due to the driver smoking, their driving fell below the standard expected of a competent driver or they did not show consideration for other road users, the driver could be prosecuted for the offence of Driving Without Due Care And Attention (Careless Driving) – the maximum sentence being a £5,000 fine and 9 points or a discretionary disqualification. Read More…

Costs against Defendants in Criminal Courts

20/4/20150 CommentsBy Adam Brown

There have been significant changes to Court Fees in Criminal Courts arising out of the Criminal Justice & Courts Act 2015, of which all Defendants and Criminal Lawyers need to be aware. Read More…

Drink Driving

12/4/20150 CommentsBy Patrick Duffy

There has been a very important change to the Drink Drive Laws relating to breath-test procedures. Read More…

Firearms Licence Fees

29/3/20150 CommentsBy Simon Pook

Changes to legislation that all firearms licence holders and those seeking a grant of licence should be aware of: Read More…

New 'drug driving' legislation.

10/3/20150 CommentsBy Emily Lloyd

On the 2nd March 2015 new drug driving legislation came into force. Section 5A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, as inserted into the Road Traffic Act 1988 by the Crime and Courts Act 2013, contains the new offence of driving with concentration of specified controlled drug above specified limit. Read More…

Crown Court Legal Aid

26/1/20150 CommentsBy Adam Foster

Do the Crown Prosecution Service inadvertently and indirectly control the budget of the Defence legal teams in publicly funded cases? Read More…