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Mental Health Tribunals

Our team of Mental Health Law specialists, headed by Robert Lizar, has extensive experience in applying the law to the often complicated lives of our clients.

We offer expert advice in the following:

  • Representation at Mental Health Tribunals
  • Advice and assistance at Hospital Managers Hearings
  • Advising you and/or families/carers about your rights
  • Appeals to Upper Tier Tribunals
  • Inquests relating to deaths of mental patients

Mental health difficulties can have a profound effect on the individuals concerned, as well as their relatives, friends and carers. The difficulties are often compounded by the steps that the State takes to deal with the problems at hand.

Whether it be the decisions that the professionals take to treat the condition, the manner in which those decisions are explained or the fact of having to put across your own views on the condition and the suggestions for treatment; dealing with health professionals can be overwhelming.

There is a legal avenue for you to obtain clarity from the health professionals and to challenge their decisions. We can advise you and your family on your rights when faced with a decision you do not agree with, we can put your case to the hospital authorities, we can hold them to account to make sure that you are treated fairly.