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Court Proceedings

"A lawyer has a duty to the client to raise fearlessly every issue, advance every argument, and ask every question, which the lawyer thinks will help the client's case. The lawyer should take advantage of every situation which will serve to undermine the charges faced by their client. A good lawyer will endeavour to obtain for the client the benefit of every remedy and defence authorised by law."

The burden of proof in the UK Courts rests upon the Prosecution and the standard of proof is a high one.

Essentially, if the Prosecution cannot prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the offences charged, then a Defendant must be found not guilty. The Court must be sure of a Defendant's guilt in order to convict and anything less is not enough.

With this in mind we will endeavour to test every aspect of any Prosecution evidence called and make every legitimate effort to undermine the Prosecution case. We see this as our role within the Criminal Justice System and each of our dedicated lawyers share this approach.

We will also undertake all relevant enquiries to further your defence based on your instructions to ourselves. This will involve tracing and interviewing potential defence witnesses, obtaining CCTV evidence, instructing independent medical and forensic experts where appropriate, and so on.

Throughout your case we will advise you on all relevant matters relating to court procedures, bail, and any additional evidence served by the Prosecution or obtained on your behalf. We will ensure you have access to all the material and case papers, and understand what is happening at every juncture.


If a client chooses to plead guilty to the original (or perhaps a less serious) charge, or are convicted after trial, our job does not stop there. We will seek to persuade the court that their circumstances are such that they should show leniency. We can assist with obtaining experts reports to address medical or financial issues (if appropriate), letters of support from your friends, relatives, and employers (past and/or present) and will liaise with the Probation Service when appropriate for the preparation of Pre-Sentence reports which will often make specific recommendations to the Sentencing Court for non-custodial sentences such as Community Orders.

Our ethos is simple - at all times we will make every effort to secure the best possible outcome for any Client in each and every any case in which we are involved and regardless of what the charge is.

Our track record speaks for itself. Take a moment to look at our history page, and gain a flavour of just a few of the cases we have been involved with over the last 36 years.

No case is too big, or too small. We appreciate whatever the charge it is going to be hugely important to you.

 If you are due in Court then contact our office on 0161 227 7777 and we will arrange an appointment with you to enable us to start preparing your defence.


We can represent you under the Legal Aid Scheme (subject to financial assessment) or if you prefer more flexibility then we can represent you on a private basis.