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Civil Liberties & Human Rights

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

Since its foundation in 1978 Robert Lizar Solicitors has provided representation for those who have protested against injustice, discrimination, and the destruction of our environment. We believe that it is only through the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms that we are able to move towards a fairer and less destructive society.

We are one of the leading firms in the country for protest work and have been involved in many of the recent leading court cases on protestors’ rights. We believe that legally challenging unlawful or oppressive actions by the Government and the police can be a key battleground for those seeking justice and equality. People who break the law to affirm their belief in these causes have frequently been vindicated by later generations. Protests have taken place both through organised campaigns and also by individuals taking a stand against injustice. Robert Lizar Solicitors have been involved in some of these key movements for social change since 1978. We have represented those campaigning against racism and hatred from the 1970s to the present day, whether the protest has related to actions of Government or major institutions or the actions of Neo-Nazi parties. We have represented those in the local community arrested during the uprising of anger against injustice, discrimination and police brutality, described in the media as the Moss Side Riots of 1981.
We have represented members of the National Union of Mineworkers and their supporters during their struggle to save their jobs and their communities during the strike of 1984/5. We have represented those who were sanctioned by outdated and homophobic legislation against the LGTBQ community, including successfully challenging discriminatory criminal prosecutions in the European Court. We have represented those campaigning against unjust wars and against the arms trade. We have represented those who seek to protect the rights of animals against hunting and vivisection. We have represented those who successfully opposed fracking in the North West and continue to represent those who seek to protect our environment. We have a specialist team who understand that these cases require not only an expert knowledge of the law in relation to protest but also a real commitment to a fairer and more equal society. All our police station representatives understand and are trained in the law relevant to protestors and have specialist lawyers on hand to advise at all times.