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Firearms Licence Fees

29/3/20150 CommentsBy Simon Pook

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, brought in new offences and requirements for shotgun and firearms holders.

Of particular interest are the following sections:

Sections 108-112 change firearms law including the new offence of ‘possession of illegal firearms with intent to supply’, and increases the penalty for illegal firearms importation to 10 years imprisonment .

Of note is section 110 which extends the statutory prohibition on owning firearms and ammunition to certain suspended sentences.

The possession of antique firearms now also becomes prohibited for prohibited persons.

Fee Increase on Firearms Licence

On the 12 March 2015 an order on firearms licensing fees was laid before Parliament.                                                        

The order contains Government proposals to increase the fee for the grant of a shotgun certificate from £50 to £79.50 with proportionate increases in other fees. The order will bring the new fees into effect from 6th April 2015.

The fee for a shotgun renewal will rise to £49, for the grant of a firearm certificate to £88 and for renewal of firearms certificates to £62.

Variations on firearms certificates will be reduced to £20.

Coterminous certificates, where both shotgun and firearm certificates are dealt with at the same time, will be £90 and then £65 on renewal.

The new fees reflect the cost of administration

The full schedule of fees contained in the order is below:

Firearm certificate

Grant / renewal

£88 / £62

Shotgun certificate

Grant / renewal

£79.50 / £49

Registered Firearms Dealer

Grant / renewal


British Visitors Permit

Individual / group

£20 / £100

Coterminous certificates

Grant / renewal

£90 / £65

Game fairs (RFD extension)



Replacement certificate


Variation (not like for like)


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