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Legal Aid

We are committed to providing you with the best legal representation available, regardless of your ability to pay, and continue to accept instructions under the Legal Aid Scheme across the whole spectrum of services we offer.


This practice was established in 1978 in one of the most deprived areas in the UK. The mission statement was to help the most vulnerable people defend their legal and human rights.


We remain committed to delivering quality legal services with high standards of client care. Our aim is to deal with your case as efficiently and as quickly as possible, entirely focused on securing the desired outcome.


There have been well publicised cuts to publicly funded work. However, we remain committed to offering Legal Aid services and wish Legal Aid to remain a substantial part of the work we undertake.



Whilst the Legal Aid changes inevitably bring challenges we feel we are better placed than anyone to continue to develop on over 35 years experience working predominantly under this scheme.


We have developed our systems and approach to work in the m ost efficent way possible, thus allowing us to prepare each Legal Aid case as throughly as possible.


With that in mind, we continue to seek instructions under the Legal Aid Scheme, and are available to discuss your eligibility for Legal Aid should you wish to contact our office.