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Environment Agency

Businesses, their owners, directors & managers, can find themselves prosecuted for activities and conduct which contravene the complex legislation relating to such matters as water pollution, environmental damage, and the proper storage and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The Environment Agency have responsibility for investigating potential offences. However, they do not always bring a formal prosecution before the criminal Courts.

The formal options available to the Environment Agency include:

  • issuing a warning;
  • statutory enforcement notices and works notices;
  • prohibition notices;
  • suspension or revocation of environmental permits;
  • variation of permit conditions;
  • injunctions;
  • carrying out remedial works;
  • civil sanctions;
  • other civil and financial sanctions including Fixed Penalty Notices;
  • issuing a formal caution;
  • prosecution and orders ancillary to prosecution; and
  • sanctions used in combination.

If you are an individual, business manager or owner, or Company Director who is facing an investigation by the Environment Agency then you should contact our office.

We have substantial experience in negotiating favourable outcomes with the Environment Agency.

In those cases where a prosecution is inevitable we have substantial experience in representing people both before the Magistrates Courts and in more serious matters, before the Crown Courts.